God’s Isle:
Alister: Wait, what is this place?
Serene: I feel energy radiating all over.\.\.\. What in the world happened?
Dawn: We were fighting that monster and then we were here all of a sudden.\.\.\. That doesn’t make any sense.

This WAS for Entering Tofanua, but after talking to the guy that’s there, but I didn’t use it:
Leona: I don’t think anyone is going to help us\..\..\..
Dawn: No kidding genius. Maybe if we go help out with whatever rescue is going on, then someone will be able to help us out.
Serene: That sounds good to me! We really shouldn’t turn away from someone who needs help anyways.
Alister:/fi Sigh/fr. I guess we really don’t have any other choice.
Dawn: Don’t sound too excited about it. How long could it possibly take anyways?
Alister: That’s not the point. I just hate getting sidetracked.
Leona: Enjoy the adventure while it lasts because you never know when it could abruptly end. You know you’re going to miss us!
Alister: Tch!
Dawn: Alister, you’re so cute when you get caught trying to be a tough guy!