I’m shocked I can even make this post, but I’m finally gearing up to release this game after nearly a year and a half of developing it — granted, there were several week/month-long breaks, mostly 1-2 hours a day of working on it, but a total of 517 hours I’ve had RPGMMV open for — but I’m getting everything… “together.” Don’t get me wrong, I still need to add a lot of abilities, enemies on the map, music selection, spells, NPC’s, etc, but ALL of the map designing and 98% of the character dialog/story is done, which makes me absolutely thrilled. I’m now “playtesting” through the game where I’ll add enemies (95% of sprites are done), triple-check dialog, make sure all my events are correct, and just gradually build out the rest of the game, but what I consider to be the “hard part” is pretty much done! I still don’t feel “close enough” to release any other major details of the game, but I’m working diligently to get this done before the holiday season of 2019 is upon us. Once again, this game will be *FREE*. No pay to win. No DLC. No “feels unfinished.” No beta-testing. When I’m done, this game will be released and will be completely FREE. In all honesty, I just want people to play this game and tell me how it is. I want them to enjoy the story I’ve written, enjoy the gameplay, enjoy the scenes, the music, the animations — everything. The best way to get feedback is to release it for free. My reward will be ANY feedback I can get. At the moment, my plan is to release it on itch.io (I will link to it), but maybe if I can round up $100, I’ll submit to Steam as well.

Anyways, with that said, I absolutely appreciate anyone who may find this post and read it! But just keep waiting a little while longer and I promise this game will be released and will hopefully meet any expectations you may have (especially if you played my last game, Aurora!). Thank you and have a great day!