Yes! After some consideration, I decided that my next title will be released free on when it’s completed. Assuming I receive any donations, I do plan on releasing it on Steam, but I don’t have the $100 to dish out immediately for it. Besides, if it doesn’t receive good feedback, it probably wouldn’t be worth releasing on Steam anyway, so itch will be my “demo run” per se, but I think the game is coming along fine and will be plenty enjoyable. It is coming along, although a bit slower than I hoped. I find it pretty hard to stay motivated with basically finishing the game. I believe anyone will say the hardest part of any project is actually completing it though, so we’ll see. I’m trying to stay motivated enough to finish the game and look forward to releasing it around April, I hope. And again, it will be released on my first, so keep an eye out there as well! I will hopefully be releasing some details on the game soon™, which will be posted here! I want to release some details within the next couple weeks if I can stick to my plans, so check back soon! I hope everyone is doing well out there and finding games they enjoy as I look forward to adding to that collection!