I’ve decided to add a little news section so I can update the site every few days so it feels a little more active (and alive). This is just a little update to just say what I have been working in my spare time. In essence, I have not one, but two more RPG games that I have started work on and if all goes well, I want to have at least one of them released before the end of 2018 — but hopefully both of them! One game is being created with RPG Maker MV (as opposed to VX Ace, which Aurora was created with), but I do not want to release the engine of the other game quite yet. I am very excited to make this announcement but I will be keeping the details of the actual game/story to myself until I get a bit closer to the release dates. In addition, I am very excited to announce that one game will be released for absolutely free on itch.io, although it will be optional to send a donation if you want to — and by all means, if you enjoy my work, then that is an easy way for me to know! More details will come soon regarding one (or maybe both?) of the games!