… Or antihero.

This is Alister and he will be your new player-controlled character in my upcoming game. Unfortunately, I will not be releasing the name of the game quite yet as it will spoil some other things I don’t want to spoil quite yet, but this post is about Alister! He’s the antihero of our story, with quick wits, a troubled past, and he lets his weapon do all the talking. Alister was thrown into jail numerous years ago for plotting to go after a forbidden treasure the King himself said was too dangerous for anyone to go after. After spending nearly twenty years in jail, Alister awakens to a mysterious voice and learns the way out has been opened for him. Not wanting to question why or how, Alister makes a cunning escape from prison and comes across a young lady who will forever change his life. Just who is she? Just who was she? With a series of strange coincidences, new and old friends and a mystery that just doesn’t add up, our new bands of heroes decide to search for the fabled treasure that cost Alister his freedom all those years ago. Has anything changed in twenty years or will Alister end up in prison once more?