Wow… I did not realize I haven’t posted anything since February. I’ve had several distractions, but started back on my project this week. I’m really hoping I can get this project completed, without it feeling like it was “rushed towards the end.” I’m being very careful to take my time and do things right because I want people to like this game. I think it has a lot of really neat components, including a great storyline, a few unexpected twists and turns (nothing overly dramatic either) and I believe it’s going to have a dramatic (and maybe traumatic) ending as well. I’m hoping the story isn’t too transparent or too cryptic at the same time. I want people to have an idea of what’s going on, but not to be able to guess what’s coming next. It’s harder than it sounds.

With that said, I’m really aiming to have the game done “soon™” (lol). I’m thinking of posting some screenshots of the game so it’s a little more than just an urban legend, like bigfoot. At least if I show you a picture of bigfoot, you know he’s real! I know I don’t have a huge following (or any following to be honest), but if I ever need to reflect back on my timeline, I can do so pretty easily. And who knows, maybe someone finds this in the future? I’m going to try to post a little more on here to at least keep the two or three people who may check this in the loop.

The game’s coming though, I promise!