Q: Why are there only save points in dungeons?! I want to save in town or on the world map when I’m done playing!
A: While on the world map or inside any town, you may save as you please! Simply press your “ESC” key and you can access “SAVE” towards the bottom of the menu.

Q: Ugh! The resolution is terrible! Why isn’t this in 4K/2K/Full HD?!
A: Unfortunately, I am unable to take advantage of full HD; however, if you need to increase the size of the screen, you may press “F5” to toggle between fullscreen and windowed and you may press “F6” to change the “zoom” of the screen.

Q: The text is so slow! Can I do anything?
A: Yes! If you wish to theoretically “mash” through the text, you can hold the shift key during dialog to breeze through it a lot quicker. Unfortunately, if that is still too slow, there is no way to make it quicker or “skip” the dialog.

Q: Why can’t I dash like in other games?
A: I felt like dashing through all the maps led to a feeling of running into too many fights. To combat the feeling of “there are too many random encounters,” I decided to disable the dashing ability. Also, if you were dashing when a text box appeared, there was a chance you could completely miss it if you were holding down the dash key. I also want people to enjoy the game and not feel like they need to hurry up and get past certain parts so they can get onto the next story segment.

Q: Some of the textures look funny or appear stretched.
A: The short answer is a lot of textures ARE stretched. If you are playing on any larger resolution than the smallest one possible, the textures are in fact being stretched. There is nothing I can do about it as it is a limitation of the engine. If it bothers you that much, change the resolution to a smaller one.

Q: How do you get rid of poison?!
A: Poison is removed in a number of ways. You can use an “Antidote” or “Healing Herb” item on the afflicted person, use a “Cure” skill on the afflicted person, rest in an inn, or it will automatically be removed after 35 “steps” on a map.