Learn More About Aurora and the World of Wenryll

Meet Esu (e-soo), our level-headed Hero with a strong inclination for defending the defenseless. He’s a very unique person. So unique, he’s actually part of another race — the Khlyryn (Cly-rin). He suddenly awakens on the coast of a nearby, besieged village with nearly no memory of anything in his life. Esu defends the village by fighting off monsters and is faced with a powerful foe where his luck takes a turn for the worse. Shortly after his encounter, he learns more about himself and his people and sets off on a journey of self-discovery. Esu meets friends and foes along the way but keeps himself motivated to help the world of Wenryll while searching for clues to who he is and where he is from. With the world of Wenryll plunging into chaos, his only choice is to pull it back into the light if he truly seeks the answers he is looking for.

Travel across the three continents of Wenryll and help restore order and balance in a world threatened by mayhem. Meet and help a King whose city is under attack by dragons and bandits then set sail across the ocean to the green, mountainous continent of Arden Dell. Explore the mountains and hidden caverns across the dangerous passages as you travel through the valleys as you seek out the truth behind dangerous puzzles. Search through the frozen tundra’s of Frontmire while in pursuit of a mysterious woman and find your way back to home. But, just where is home?