Well, after about 7 hours of playtesting (on my save file at least!), I’m about halfway done. I can confidently say the first half of my next game is ready for release, but I’m still working on the second half. I feel like I may have done a little extra work on the second half while I was making it, so I’m hoping it doesn’t take me nearly as long to complete. I had to fix several bugs that irked me pretty badly in the first half, but I’m glad I was able to fix them all appropriately. With that said, I’m hopefully going to post a little more information about the game when I get just a bit closer to releasing it. I’ve done a bunch of balancing which should make the second half of the game much easier to playtest through, then I’ll have to add some more NPCs to the towns and it should be just about ready to release! With that said, I hope everyone is well as we head into the holiday season! I’ll be back soon (hopefully) with another update!