Welcome to Nicholas Turner Games!

My name is Nicholas Turner and I am a solo game developer. So far, I have created two games that are available for sale online (or free!) and they are called Aurora and Sightless Serene. To find out more about it, simply click on the link.

I plan to make more video games and I hope to build an audience that truly enjoys the games I release. I absolutely enjoy creating video games and my goal is to one day be able to quit my day job and stay at home to work (and play!) on video games, or even work with an indie game company — but I suppose time will tell. I spend a good bit of time creating games that I believe are heart-felt, meaningful and polished. I spend quite a bit of time on my projects and have learned a lot along the way. I look for tasteful, yet fitting, music and graphics and typically spend a lot of time in paint.net editing things to give them a nice twist or to better fit things into my project. Currently, I create my games in the RPG Maker suite, but I’ve been learning Unity as well as another program for creating RPG games (I want to leave the name out for the time being as I want it to be a surprise when I do finish that game). I also plan on touching the Unreal engine at some point as well as SRPG Studio and maybe Pixel Game Maker MV, but time will tell. I also wish to participate in “game jams” but do not have any currently planned, although that could change.

My plan for this website is to allow people to find my work while being exposed to other creations I am working on. Each game will have its own “sub-website” which will be connected here, allowing anyone to see other things I have worked on. I do plan to have all my games available on Steam; however, I will also have them listed for sale on this website since I will be able to receive more through the Itch.io widget than directly through Steam. Games bought through itch.io will NOT produce a Steam key, but you will have all the game files and can easily add a non-Steam game to Steam.